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Now that the busy season is upon me, I need to put this blog on the back burner for a while so I can focus more on my jewelry business. You can keep up with me in my jewelry blog: “To Bead or Not to Bead“. In the future this “Work in progress…” blog will focus more on my writing.


Experimenting with videos

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Well I decided I would try and see how hard it was to make a video. It turned out to be alot of work fo me because I had no clue how to do it Lol but I had fun. Anyway here’s my first, and very short lol video.


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A whirlwind of emotions

swarm around my head

like angry bees

The more I try to move away

the closer they press in

Ready to strike again

As soon as the calm settles

and my breath is caught

They rise again

Fear, anxiety, hysteria

Crushing me as they carry me

Up up up and then they drop me


and struggling to breathe.

“Boy” charcoal drawing

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Cleaning out the closet…

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I recently got the urge to clean out my closets and find treasures that had been put away for future days. I couldn’t believe the piles of sketch pads, canvases, poetry journals and scrapbooks. Some were half finished, all had dust but all brought back fond memories.  After my trip down memory lane, I realized I couldn’t just store them away to gather dust for another few years. I mean really, who cleans out closets to cram them full of stuff again? So now in this great digital age, I get to scan, type, and organize so that I can stuff all that I can in my technological closet.

My first piece of jewelry made for men…

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This was my first, well actually my only one so far, of jewelry designed for men. The round beads are wood with carved horn tubes spaced between groups of them.  The center piece is carved horn with golden horn tubes on either side. I made this for my dad for Christmas two years ago and he still wears it just about everyday. Doesn’t he look cute?